Various presentations/lectures/tutorials are linked below. These are intended to stand-alone to some extent, although they do work much better in person.

Each clinical teaching presentation is usually followed by a set of cases, but these are not uploaded at this stage.

All presentations should be downloaded rather than viewed online, as SlideShare does not cope well with slide animations and many of the learning points involve overlapping image annotations.

For any students from Adelaide who might be interested in radiology, research or want to contact me for any other reason, details are here.


Med 4 Uni Adelaide


Med home unit lectures

Intro to CXR 1 (Lungs)

Intro to CXR 2 (Mediastinum, Pleura)

Intro to CT Brain 1 (Cerebral pathology)

Intro to CT Brain 2 (CSF spaces, vascular, other)


Ortho home unit lectures

Intro to Limb Xray 1 (Trauma)

Intro to Spinal Xray


Practice Cases

I have decided to upload the practice cases from the lectures as well. Feel free to review these whenever you want, even before the lectures if you prefer. Since the quizzes are not graded, I am just happy if you want to learn the material!
There may be a few errors in these cases, if there are please let me know.

Med home unit practice cases

Chest 1 – pulmonary pathology

Chest 2 – pleural and mediastinal pathology

Brain 1 – infarcts and haemorrhage

Brain 2 – hydrocephalus and haemorrhage review


Ortho home unit practice cases

Limb trauma

Spinal trauma

Final quiz