Interested in radiology or research?

Just a quick note:

If you are in South Australia and you are interested in radiology or research, or even radiology research, feel free to contact me. I can answer any questions you have or maybe even connect you with researchers who need help.

And if anyone is willing to give me feedback on my teaching materials, feel free to contact me as well.

My email is my full name (no spaces or dashes) at gmail dot com, or you can leave a reply here.


edit (10/5/2016):

I have recently had several conversations with medical students about my own research agenda, and have been surprised with the amount of interest in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation in medicine. If anyone is interested in these topics and might want to engage in research along these lines down the track, I can help you on that path. If you have programming skills already, or if you are a beginner but are happy to put in the time to learn (it is easier than it sounds), contact me.

One thought on “Interested in radiology or research?

  1. Dear Luke,

    brillant ! Outstanding Expertise !

    Despite not being from South Australia but from South Germany
    I am looking for support in an imaging analysis (Radiomics for personalized medicine)
    concerning the time course of liver metastases in a case of pancreatic neuroendocrine Tumor (G3) during CTXs.

    Up to now we have 9 MRIs (Basic & during CTXs: 4 regimens) over 3.5 ys.
    There bulky masses in the whole liver (ca 70% of liver vol.) which are very inhomogeneous.

    Furthermore there are FDG-PET, Domitate PET-CT and CEUS data.

    The “mean field” picture of MRI correlates well with our tumor marker (glucagon).

    Since 1 y under Everolimus we have a partial remission.

    Is there any machine algorithm for segmenting and differentiating the different
    metastases or liver regions (Couinaud), that we can judge every metastasis development
    on its own over time ?

    This would be very important e.g. for choice of further biopsies if there would be a
    rapid progress (localliy or globally) out of the most rapid progressing lesion.

    Up to now I have found only the Software Osirix (R) of a swiss corporation (Bernex).

    Could you do this very important “lpersonalized” analysis with that package for us ?
    How much would you charge for that ?

    With kind regards

    Prof. Peter Lederer
    Internist Gastroenterologist
    D-63225 Langen, Alter Weg 6


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