Launch of the SA Radiology Research Network

So part of the reason blogging has been slow is that I have been working towards the launch of a new initiative – the South Australian Radiology Research Network (SARRN) is intended to support and promote research and evidence based practice amongst radiologists and associated health professionals in SA.

We are still in the early stages of this initiative. The goal is to make life easier for anyone engaged in radiology research, including providing guidance in research methods, formalising a network of junior researchers, supervisors, mentors and collaborators, and simplifying the logistics of research – ethics applications, grant proposals, and the other various hoops that we have to jump through.

More details can be found at our website, which includes mini-guides and resources for researchers, as well as a news section to keep up to date on all the various changes that will impact on research in radiology (with Transforming Health, Choosing Wisely and changes with SAMI, there is a lot going on!).

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